Wall Street WARZONE

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Rules of of Engagement in “The Warzone”

America is at war, with itself, in what Jack Bogle
              called “The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism.”
              We were forced into this “Warzone,” no choice.
              Wall Street is the aggressor, you are their target.

Wall Street and its allies in the “Happy Conspiracy” are engaged
              a relentless, round-the-clock multi-front war that is rapidly
              destroying America’s democracy and our unique capitalism.
Their objective is to dominate, manipulate and control
             “America’s Mind, Your Money & Global Markets.”

This is not a conventional war, neither for Wall Street nor for you.
             This is a psychological war using strategies alarmingly
             similar to those identified in the U.S. Department of Defense’s
             Joint Chiefs “Psyops Warfare” Manual.
Wall Street’s strategies parallel a DOD-style “Psy-Ops” war
             to “influence the emotions, motives, objective reasoning,
             and ultimately the behavior of” American citizens, taxpayers
             and investors “by reducing the adversaries will to fight. By
             lowering morale and reducing their efficiency” these strategies
             will “discourage aggressive counter actions and create
             dissidence and disaffection within their ranks, ultimately
             inducing surrender.”

You must confront this attack: If not, if you remain in denial and fail
             to respond, you will have surrendered by default, you will continue 
             losing your money, but most of all, you will be losing your freedoms.

Moreover, if you do choose to fight in this war on your enemy’s turf and by their
             rules, you will also lose because you will be fighting an army of professionals
             armed with a vast arsenal of psychological “weapons of mass manipulation”
             and technology designed to overpower and control the behavior of all Americans.

Yes, America is at war. In the Warzone you have two choices: fight or surrender.
You can win, but to do so you must keep in mind these four strategies:
             1) Never trust Wall Street and the Happy Conspiracy, never.
                            Remember their motto: “Greed is power.” Treat everything
                            they say or do with extreme suspicion for they will always
                            put their personal profit motives first, never your interests.
                            They are addicts, blind to their obsession for financial power.
             2) Never fight your enemies on their turf or by their rules.
                           Instead, minimize or avoid contact whenever possible, go
                           your own way and march to a different drummer, yours.
             3) If you do fight, engage in asymmetric warfare: Unconventional
                           strategies under rules of engagement that minimize your liabilities,
                           maximize your strengths, and undermine their power.
             4) Finally, remember that “power corrupts and absolute power
                          corrupts absolutely.”
Wherever necessary you are encouraged
                          to actively engage in strategies and tactics calculated to resist
                          and prevent all existing and proposed power-grabs by Wall Street
                          and the Happy Conspiracy because they are undermining America’s 
                          core democratic values and perverting capitalism, they are motivated 
                          by an insatiable need to dominate, manipulate, control America’s Mind, 
                          Your Money and Financial Markets Worldwide.

Yes, America is at war, a war from within, for the soul of democracy,
for the soul of capitalism. And like it or not, whether you are aware
of it or not, each new day you are being drawn into this secret war not
of your choosing. Why? Because Wall Street and the Happy Conspiracy
are at war against you, aggressively and relentlessly attacking, armed
with an arsenal of neuroscientific and psychological tools. Join us,
there is strength in numbers, history and principles on our side,
become one with the Warzoners Network.