Some of you may already know who I am and what exactly I am doing. But let me introduce myself in a proper way. My name is Matthew and I am a one hundred percent New Yorker. I was born in Upper West Side 24 years ago and have been living here since then.

Currently, I am studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the world called Columbia University and majoring in Data Journalism. But this blog is neither about Data nor about Journalism. I hope you are already curious. No worries, we are getting close.

When elder people hear Data Journalism they tend to imagine me sitting among thousands of books. When my peers hear that they think I walk around wearing Google Goggles and calling Elon Musk to discuss some recent inventions. The truth is somewhere in between. My goal for today is to work on the software which can aid journalists to sift through materials needed to collect the relevant data. Since the technical part is more or less clear for me and my colleagues now we focus on turning our project into the business.

My apologies for excessive eloquence but we have finally come to where we started – the purpose of my blog. As I felt that I needed more expertise to run my own company I started attending different workshops and lectures on how to start your company from scratch. I find most of these events quite enlightening and cannot keep my mouth shut (I am a journalist, remember?). So here we are. This blog is dedicated to everything I see and hear from some true warriors of business. Hope it comes in handy for you as well. See you!