Wall Street WARZONE
Yes, You Are in “The Warzone:” Your Money’s in Danger, so are Your Freedoms
by Paul B Farrell, JD, PhD
| Discuss | Print | 5/10/2010

Yes, you are in “The Warzone.” Learn how Wall Street and the “Happy Conspiracy” control the American mind, your money and global markets in “The Warzone.” Learn everything you need to know—and everything they don’t want you to know—about the secret predatory darkside of behavioral finance, neuroeconomics, behavioral economics, investment psychology and the new “science of irrationality.” Learn how these new behavioral sciences are being used as “weapons of mass manipulation” to control, not just how you invest your money, but how this “Happy Conspiracy”—the new Orwellian Big Brother—is fundamentally altering the way you ”see” the economy, markets, government, business and the world in general, luring you into their “Warzone” to play by their rules in a game that’s fixed. Know their game and you can win.

During the past forty years the behavioral sciences have been rapidly chipping away at Wall Street’s outdated “rational man” theory of investing—which, for more than two centuries, had been the basis of all market and investment decision-making since formation of the New York Stock Exchange in 1792. Wall Street’s theory tells us that investors are “logical, reasonable and rational.” But today, the “rational man” theory no longer works. Not on Wall Street. Nor on Main Street. This historic flip-flop is the result of research in the related fields of behavioral finance and neuroeconomics, the psychology of investing and the new “science of irrationality. ”

Listen very closely, there is no such thing as a “rational investor.” Never was. It was an illusion … it is an illusion … it always will be an illusion … it was concocked by Wall Street. We are all “irrational investors”—you, me and every one of the 95 million investors in America. And yet today—in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary—most investors still live in denial, preferring the illusion over reality. Why? Very simple: Because $20 trillion in investor assets and hundreds of billions of Wall Street’s annual profits depend on keeping that misleading illusion alive in the minds of the American public! And that’s why Wall Street is engaged in a secret war to manipulate, dominate and control the mind of the investor. (More)