Wall Street WARZONE
Your “Savings Button:” How Wall Street’s Quants & Behavioral Economists are Killing Your Long-Term Brain Cells to Pocket Big Profits & Bigger Bonuses!
by Paul B Farrell, JD, PhD
| Discuss | Print | 5/11/2010

Wall Street, Washington, Corporate America and the Forbes 400—the ‘Happy Conspiracy’— they all want consumers, spenders and taxpayers, not savers and informed investors. Their number one strategy is to tap into the consumer’s addictive “buy button” in their brain using neuromarketing technology. That’s the target of their daily ad blitz—creating anxiety, doubt and suspicion about the future and dull any real hope of retirement. Anything to feed America’s desire to increase spending, consuming and adding more debt today, while holding down America’s savings rate.

Yes, Wall Street wants the top ten percent of Americans—the high-networth wealthy folks—to let them manage their assets for a juicy fee. But they also want the masses, the other 90% of Americans, to keep consuming and spending rather than saving because they are the consumption engine that keeps the economy and the stock market running—and the super-rich in the top 10%, with absolute control of America, as a plutocracy, not a democracy.So let’s stop the charade, admit the truth. Why does America have a zero savings rate? Why? Because America has no savings policy, none, it’s hoax, propaganda, a total con job on the public. The truth is, Corporate America, Wall Street, Washington secretly want you to spend, spend, spend, not save. (More)