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22 Sales & Marketing Tactics Aggressive Brokers Use to Trick America’s 95 Million Main Street Investors and Pocket Bigger Fees & Commissions
by Paul B Farrell, JD, PhD
| Discuss | Print | 5/17/2010

Over two thirds of securities are sold through brokers working on commission. These brokers are trained in aggressive tactics based on solid psychological principles that work against naive, vulnerable investors. So take a close look at one of the brokers secret bibles, a must-read book used to help manipulate and control naïve investors: The 22 Keys to Sales Success: How to Make It Big in Financial Services, by James Benson, president of John Hancock Life Insurance, and Paul Karasik, president of The Business Institute.

America’s 95 million fund investors will also get a lot from reading this book. It will trigger a spooky sense that you’re in the crosshairs of a broker after they read this new book! Why? Because this is a powerful training manual designed to turn a salesman into a pit bull who won’t take “no” for an answer. Brokers are trained to be nice and smile, convinced that your “no” is just a signal to get more aggressive. The fact is, experts Jim Benson and Paul Karasik have the perfect playbook to help brokers run circles around an unsuspecting sales prospect. So you’ve been warned. (More)