Wall Street WARZONE
New “Warzoners” vs “Happy Conspiracy:” New Game, New Rules! Play By Their “Casino Rules” and You’ll Lose!
by Paul B Farrell, JD, PhD
| Discuss | Print | 4/17/2010

Yes, Wall Street and the “Happy Conspiracy” know you are irrational. Moreover, they desperately want to keep it that way! Why? Because they do not want Main Street populated by “informed investors” making rational decisions. As behavioral finance scientist, Professor Richard Thaler makes clear: Wall Street needs “irrational and uninformed” investors. And former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt punctuates the point: “They know they can make more money off uninformed investors.” Yes, it’s very simple: Wall Street needs to keep investors irrational and uninformed, that way you’re like a dependent child, won’t revolt, and are easy to manipulate and indoctrinate using Wall Street’s sophisticated, self-serving propaganda.

The harsh truth is—if you play by their rules, you will lose. But you can outwit these self-appointed, arrogant gurus and rulers. Solution: Turn the tables on them. How? Very simple: Embrace your irrational nature, go counter-intuitive, be a contrarian, a “super-brain investor,” get on the path of the ‘irrational millionaire,’ join the “Warzoners.” That’s right, stop playing their game by their rules, do everything “wrong” (by Wall Street’s rules!), and you can still get rich, in spirit and even in fact. Take charge. Go your own way. Invent your own game and live by your own rules. Embrace your irrationality!

My first thought in writing this website/blog was “keep-it-simple:” Know your enemy! Focus on Wall Street and its allies in the “Happy Conspiracy.” Expose its goals, strategies and tactics: Total and absolute control of the American mind, your money and markets worldwide. Help investors understand that they cannot beat this machine in a head-to-head fight. Play by “their” rules, and you will lose. Expose their game, how they control the playing field and the rules … how the enormous added new fire-power of quantitative mathematics and behavioral economics has created an arsenal of weapons of mass contro and a highly-leveraged force-multiplier … how they fix the rules of the game … how the odds are against you are insurmountable … and how they will always win, if you continue playing by their rules. (More)