1. Journalism and Entrepreneurship – how come you have chosen these two seemingly opposite spheres?

I`d say they are interwoven as much as all other spheres of our lives are interwoven with IT today. Technology considerably improves your life no matter what we do and makes a lot of things easier. I am fond of journalism and do not intend to quit but what I really want is to bring some innovation into journalists` everyday work.

2. Where do you see yourself after graduating?

Hopefully, in the Bahamas. But if talking seriously I would like to keep working on our start-up and telling you, guys, about all the inner processes. So no worries, this blog is here to stay.

3. How do you find time for studying, blogging, start-upping and living? Are you a human being?

Of flesh and bone. But I won`t here to tell you that you can work less and earn more. I really study a lot, usually at night and on the weekend but I enjoy this process and like to learn something new every day so it`s not tiring for me at all. I enjoy working on my blog as well since it gives me a chance to be in touch with hundreds of people from different countries and cultures, sometimes with a completely opposite mindset and critical about my views. Constant communication with such people enriches me and helps assess my actions soberly. If talking about our start-up that`s is really an indispensable part of my life and the lives of my friends. We always look forward to our meetings and discussions of new ideas on how to develop our software. So the key is to enjoy what you do and it won’t look like a routine to you.