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Goldman Conspiracy’s “Moral Pathology:” Deadly Virus Attacking Capitalism, Democracy & Middle Class Values. Warning, Goldman’s “War on America” Will Collapse the Entire Economy & Markets by 2020 … Worse Than 2000 & 2008!

by Paul B Farrell, JD, PhD
| | 2/8/2011

Warning, the “Goldman Conspiracy” is quietly accelerating its efforts to destroy the American economy by the end of this decade. Read Peter S Goodman’s article on HuffPost. In “Don’t Believe Goldman,” he warns of a “report from Goldman’s Investment Strategy Group” that “dismisses suggestions that the American economy might yet confront substantial problems.” Translation: Goldman is hyping another bull run into a bad economy.

The Goldman report is titled “The U.S. Will Not Face a ‘Lost Decade,’” and has a “subheading in the report, which later calls the odds of that prospect ‘very remote indeed’.” But then Goodman adds: “the words at the top of Goldman’s report, ‘Stay the Course’ amount to a threat for the rest of the nation. The course is untenable. For most people, it leads to credit card debt, ulcer medication and, perhaps, bankruptcy.” As Suzanne McGee says in her book about Goldman. “they’ll take us to the brink again.” Except this time Wall Street will take us over the cliff with them.

The new Goldman Report sounds like they’re trying shoot down my recent 1o annual predictions for the decade, 2011-2020: “America’s 10 Worst Years Start Right Now.” If you really want to learn how bad Goldman is for the American economy, democracy and capitalism, read both of these columns.

The bottom line is simple folks … the Goldman Conspiracy is afraid American investors won’t jump on the new bull market bandwagon that they’re hyping … won’t jump in and start betting at the Wall Street casinos … won’t help Wall Street blow another too-big-to-fail bubble … won’t get suckered into their runup to the next meltdown. Yes folks, Goldman’s worried America is catching on to their congame. If you want more investigative background on the toxic “moral hazard” that the Goldman Report is spreading across America, here are ten of my MarketWatch columns on the “Goldman Conspiracy” from recent years.

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